After Sales Service

Memorandum Of Understanding Quadel Solution Printing Company Limited

On Friday, May 12, 2023


Photos of the Memorandum of Understanding Signing Ceremony between


Quadel Solution Printing Company Limited

By Ms. Thatsarat Sathira

Managing Director


Inisis Company Limited

By Mr. Supachai Poonwattanapong

Managing Director



Along with witnesses. To record the service agreement

After the sale of products of Quadel Solution Printing Co., Ltd. nationwide.

In signing this employment contract.

" To create customer satisfaction and raise the standard of better service"




  As Quadel Solution Printing Co., Ltd. manufactures and distributes a full range of stickers, labels and equipment, the company recognizes the importance of after-sales service, which is an important part of the business. Whether the cause is due to equipment failure or from the user's own use. This is an important part that the company (customer) should not overlook, so we have after-sales service that provides support starting from consultation, on-site installation. From providing assistance in the event of an outage to providing manufacturer-certified repair services. This is in order for our customers to make the most of the equipment we sell and gain a business advantage.



Remote Desktop


                           Monitor Breakdown

              On-site installation assistance

                   Preventive maintenance

                  Solve on-site problems with a team of technicians

Quality assurance after maintenance



Identify the cause of the breakdown by an experienced technician.

Standard repair service

Check and guarantee quality after repair



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