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HPRT HT300 Barcode Printer 203 dpi

Price 5,500.-

HPRT HT330 Barcode Printer 300 dpi

Price 7,900.- THB

ZEBRA ZD230 Barcode Printer 203 DPI

Barcode sticker printer Supports 2 printing systems, can put up to 300 meters of ribbon

GODEX RT700X Barcode Printer 203DPI

Free Golabel Barcode printer program can connect to SQL, Access, Oracle, Excel, Text, DBF and other databases Accessible database

GODEX G500U Barcode Printer 203DPI

Free GoLabel Engineering design process : Port USB

GODEX EZ2250i Barcode Printer

Barcode printer Supports continuous printing for medium to large industries. With technology from Godex comes with software Go Label, no worries about Datadase management for print jobs.

ZEBRA ZD120 : Barcode Printer 203 DPI

ZEBRA ZD120 Desktop Barcode Sticker Printer High performance, economical price, requires Direct Thermal (DT) stickers only.

GODEX RT-700I Barcode 203DPI

LED screen, convenient to set up in front of the machine clearly see the order Immediately solve limitations, sticker printers that meet the needs of every business.

GODEX RT730X Barcode Printer 203DPI

Label printer Full performance Resolution 300 DPI, RT730x,Thermal Transfer Desktop Printer, EU, 300 dpi, 5 IPS + USB host

Godex RT863i /600dpi

The Godex RT863i barcode sticker printer is the most compact.

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