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ZEBRA DS2278 Bluetooth Wireless 2D Barcode Reader

Barcode reader Or scan 2D barcodes wirelessly. Barcode reading is an Image Sensor size of 640x480 pixels. Read both bar codes and QR codes.

Zebra LI4278, Bluetooth Wireless 1D Barcode Reader

The wireless barcode reader supports reading barcodes. The reading speed is 547 times/second. The scanner can be used far away from the base distance. 10 meter or 33 foot drop test. 1.8 meter drop test supports working temperatures of 0 ° C-50 ° C. It can read torn barcodes. It can also fade or become dirty.

ZEBRA DS3678 Bluetooth Wireless 2D Barcode Reader

High Performance Barcode Reader Can read both 1D and 2D barcodes, read barcodes quickly, Image Sensor size 1,280x800 pixels, IP65 protection level, compact size.

NEWLAND HR3280 BT Bluetooth Wireless 2D Barcode Reader

High performance wireless barcode reader, suitable for enterprises and industries of all sizes, using Bluetooth 5.0 technology. The transmission distance from the card reader to the receiver can reach up to 50 meters (outdoor). It can read 1D and 2D.

NEWLAND HR1580 BT (1D) Wireless barcode scanner

Wireless barcode scanner with CCD head capable of reading 1D bar codes as well as high-density barcodes. damaged barcode or bar codes are easily distorted

Newland HR5280-BT Wireless barcode scanner connected via Bluetooth

Wireless barcode scanner connected via Bluetooth (Bluetooth 5.0) can scan 1D and 2D barcodes (QR Code) with high performance using white light to scan barcodes (Image Sensor: 1280×800 CMOS)

Newland BS8060 2D Barcode Scanner 2D Micro USB

Order the product according to the order for approximately 4-8 weeks. The small wireless barcode reader can be carried with you. It's very small in size, only 88 x 46 x 24.5 millimeters. It's easy to carry around when you put it in your pocket. It also supports 1D and 2D scanning.

HONEYWELL Voyager 1952G GSR Wireless Bluetooth 2D Barcode Scanner

The 2D wireless barcode reader has high accuracy and fast scanning, even for damaged and low-quality barcodes. Honeywell's operations are intelligent software that can scan as needed, help employees collect more data, and quickly and error-free complete work.

HONEYWELL Voyager 1472G Wireless Bluetooth 1D Barcode Scanner

1D wireless Barcode reader wireless Barcode reader High precision, fast scanning, even damaged barcodes and low quality. Honeywell operations are intelligent software that can be scanned as needed. Help employees collect more information, complete work quickly, and make no mistakes.

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